About Phil Berg

Phil Berg is a freelance writer who has spent more than 25 years covering the auto world for many publications. His automotive articles have appeared in the U.S. in Popular Science, Maxim, Parade, Automotive News, Motor Trend, Sports Car International, and Corvette Quarterly as well as in many newspapers. He keeps current about new cars writing two dozen reviews each year for Road & Track Buyers Guide. He served as a senior editor at Car and Driver for 10 years and worked for eight years as an editor at AutoWeek magazine. Despite having to list his profession as “automotive industry analyst” to get a Libyan visa while covering the Paris-Dakar rally, he considers himself a full-time journalist covering the world of autos. His reporting efforts have included interviewing car enthusiasts around the world, including at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan, in Red

Phil in Audi S5 on 5000-mile endurance drive

Square in Moscow, and in Nairobi, Kenya. He’s also driven around the world in a Jeep, and while back home in the U.S. he broke a Guinness record driving to 48 states in less than five days, and he drove nonstop from San Francisco to New York in 38 hours sealed inside a diesel VW. 

Algeria before the French DC3 engine blew.
For other magazine stories he’s chased tornadoes in the plains, hot-air balloons around the southwest, auto accident investigators across Europe, new cars being built in auto plants, and, most recently, spectacular garages. For his book series, Ultimate Garages, he traveled around the country and found garage owners who literally moved mountains to create space for their cars. He visited the Candy Store, a giant garage that houses the cars of 35 members of an exclusive private club, which operates more like a secret society. He also visited the “temple to the gods of speed,” a converted Quonset hut that has been designed to look like an engine block, complete with connecting rod columns and 55-gallon drums shaped like pistons.

When he began hunting special garages, he owned a three-car garage and a 10-car pole barn, both on a 112-year-old Michigan farm. They were slowly decaying homes to more birds and chipmunks than cars,

Iceland, on a test drive
although at one time the pole barn held a Miata, a replica Porsche Spyder, two BMW 2002s, a monster Lincoln coupe, an Italian sport bike, a Triumph dirt racer, and a racing go-kart. Since then he’s downsized into a new 3-car garage that’s only coincidentally attached to a new house, and is in the process of incorporating in it all of the garage tips and techniques that he learned from the dedicated collectors and enthusiasts that were featured in his first Ultimate Garages book. Phil lives in a small village near Ann Arbor, Michigan, in a brick building built the year that kerosene was invented and Abraham Lincoln was running for U.S. Senate.


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