MAY 13

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by Hummer Storm Chaser

Beauty Seeks Weather Beast

Kaitlin Taylor, Miss Oklahoma, told us she would like a photo of her standing in front of a tornado while she's wearing her crown.

When she was three years old, Kaitlin Taylor remembers watching out the back window of her parents’ car as the family sped away from their home in Andover, Oklahoma one evening in 1991. A giant tornado demolished parts of the small town.

“It’s one of the first memories I have of being a child,” says Taylor, who is currently Miss Oklahoma, and a meteorology student at Oklahoma University. “As a child, you can pick up how anxious your parents are, even if you don’t understand why. I remember looking out of the back window and seeing the sky touch the ground.”

Haunted by a lifelong image of the disaster, Taylor is fascinated by the weather and began chasing tornados in her home state at the age of 16. She is still an avid chaser and was part of the send-off group from the National Weather Center of the VORTEX2 tornado study project on May 8.

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